PPARCセミナー (2022/12/09)

PPARCセミナー 2022/12/09

発表者: 土屋史紀 (Staff)
タイトル: 高エネルギー電子降下(EEP)による下部熱圏・中間圏の電離を計算するための簡易モデルの開発と北欧におけるEEP・中間圏化学の観測計画
アブスト: Impact of energetic electron precipitation (EEP) to terrestrial mesosphere is one of outstanding topics in recent years. To evaluate ionization change in the mesosphere due to EEP, we constructed an ease-to-use primitive model to calculate ionization profile and its time variation. Results of calculation will be used to compare EEP observed by VLF radio propagation technique and chages in NOx, HOx and O3 in the mesosphere measureed by a millimeter spectrometer in northern Europe.