• Next PPARC Seminar

    *** P0PARC seminar schedule (v1.8, 2017-06-19) ***
    Date, start time, presenters, (chairperson)
    17/06/23(Fri) 13:00- 教員数1のため中止
    17/06/26(Mon) 健康診断
    17/07/06(Thu) 13:00- Okada, Yagi, Koga (Kaneda)
    17/07/14(Fri) 13:00- Yoshizawa, Koizumi (Misawa)
    17/07/20(Tue) 13:00- Mimura, Kaneda (Mizuguchi)
    17/07/21(Fri) 13:00- Hino, Kagitani (Tsuchiya

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  • C-Group - Seminar

    **  C-Group Seminar News '17 No.7  **

      ** Poster #4, and D-Report #4 **

        ** Poster #4 **

    Date & Time : Starting at 13:00 on Thursday, June 22
    Place : Lecture Room #N404

    T. Akiba

    A. Kamada

    Y. Koizumi
    Development and Performance Evaluation of the DMD Mask Method for T60 Telescope

    K. Mimura
    Evolution process of the theta aurora inferred from global MHD simulation

        ** D-Report #4 **

    Date & Time : Starting at 14:40 on Thursday, June 22
    Place : Lecture Room #N404

    K. Arao
    Linear analysis of the magneto-rotational instability in an accretion disk in the vicinity of a compact object

    *** C-group seminar 2017 schedule (v1.4, 2017-03-31) ***
    17/06/22(Thu) 13:00- Poster#4(Akiba, Kamada, Koizumi, Mimura), D-presen (Arao)
    17/06/29(Thu) 13:00- D-presen (K.Endo, Mizuguchi)
    17/07/13(Thu) Guest speaker (Prof.Tanaka from astronomical Institute)
    #May-June Bepi-SWT
    #Aug 20-31 IAU
    Poster presen: M1, M2 & D3
    D-presen: Mizuguchi, Koga

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    PAT - Seminar

    2016/12/2(金) 13:00-
    Naoko Takahashi
    Evolution and propagation of electric fields during magnetospheric disturbances based on multiple spacecraft and ground-based observations

    Kousuke Takami
    Feasibility of the future observations by mid-infrared heterodyne spectroscopy for Wind and Temperature in Venusian mesosphere and lower thermosphere

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