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Next pparc seminar is scheduled for starting at 9:00 on Monday, 27 November.
Please check out full details below. - Haruna Watanabe

        PPARC seminar news #18 in FY2017
2017/11/27 (Mon.) 9:00-12:00 at S407 @ C building  chairperson: Tsuchiya

Takeshi Sakanoi 坂野井健
Remaining several issues on auroral process (and the RockSat rocket experiment)
I give a talk on a review of some recent subjects on auroral physics on the small-scale and the coupling to the global scale processes, and the current status of rocket experiment RockSat which will be launched in 2019.


Ryoichi Koga 古賀亮一
Radial variations of atomic oxygen number density in Io's neutral cloud
We report the spatial distributions of Io's oxygen neural cloud. Atomic oxygen and sulfur in Io's atmosphere escape from the exobase and move to neutral clouds (> 5.8 Io radii; Jupiter gravity is dominant) mainly due to atmospheric sputtering. Io plasma torus is formed by ionization of these atoms by electron impact and charge exchange processes. Therefore, The spatial distribution of oxygen and sulfur neutral clouds is important to understand the Io plasma source.
We carried out the monitoring of the azimuthal and radial distribution of atomic oxygen emission at 130.4 nm using Hisaki satellite. Observation period was November 25 - December 31, 2014 (35 days, volcanically quiet period). The results show the dense region of the oxygen neutral cloud is concentrated around Io and extends mainly toward Io and inside Io's orbit. In addition, the diffuse region uniformly exists along Io's orbit. Both components extend radially outward up to 7.6 Jupiter radii (RJ) with decreasing the density.
To use the previous studies of radial profile of electron density and temperature (< 5.9 RJ; Bagenal 1994, > 5.9 RJ; Yoshioka et al., 2017), We succeed to deduce the radial profile of oxygen atoms. In this presentation, we introduce the radial profile of atomic oxygen number density and oxygen plasma source rate.

----- PPARC seminar schedule (v1.71, 2017-11-24) ---
17/11/20(Mon) 9:00-12:00 Tsuchiya, Fukizawa (char:Misawa)
17/11/27(Mon) 9:00-12:00 Koga (char:Tsuchiya)
17/12/04(Mon) cancelled
17/12/11(Mon) 9:00-12:00 Sakanoi, Kagitani (chir: Kaneda)
17/12/18(Mon) 9:00-12:00 Okada, Yoshizawa, Hino (char:Sakanoi)
17/12/25(Mon) 9:00-12:00 Yagi, Watanabe (chair:Kagitani)
18/01/08(Mon) holiday
18/01/15(Mon) - no seminar-
18/01/16(Tue) B4研究発表会
18/01/19(Fri) D論締切
18/01/22(Mon) - no seminar -
18/01/26(Fri) M論締切
18/01/29(Mon) 9:00-12:00 Kaneda, Mizuguchi
18/01/30(Tue) 9:00-12:00 Arakawa, Endo
18/01/31(Wed) 13:00-16:00 Koizumi, Mimura
18/02/05-02/08 D/M審査会
18/02/12(Mon) holiday
18/02/15(Thu)  13:00-16:00 Watanabe, Fukizawa (review)
18/02/19(Mon) 9:00-12:00 Hirai, Ishikawa (review)
18/02/27-3/1 惑星圏研究会
----- 発表者 -----
D/1回: Mizuguchi, Kaneda, Kodama
M2/1回: Endo, Koizumi, Arakawa, Mimura
M1/2回: Ishikawa, Hirai, Fukizawa, Watanabe, うち1回はreview
B4/2回: Yoshizawa, Hino, Okada, Yagi
----- C-group seminar schedule (v1.4, 2017-09-26) ---
17/09/25(Mon)  13:00-17:30 D thesis preliminary oral exam. (Kaneda, K. Endo)
17/09/28(Thu)  13:00-16:30 M thesis preliminary oral exam. (Mimura, Y. Endo)
17/10/05(Thu)  09:00-16:00 SGEPSS reherasal
17/10/12(Thu)  13:00-16:30 M thesis preliminary oral exam. (Nishida, Terada)
17/10/15-19    (SGEPSS in Kyoto)
17/10/26(Thu)  13:00-16:30 M thesis preliminary oral exam. (Koizumi, Arakawa)
17/11/02(Thu)  13:00-16:30 M thesis preliminary oral exam. (Ishigaya, Kamada)
17/11/09(Thu)  (Geophys. Joint Seminar)
17/11/16(Thu)  13:00-   D2 interim report (Ooki)
17/11/23(Thu)  (holiday)
18/02/22(Thu)  13:00-   D2 interim report (Aizawa)


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STPPセミナー詳細 »

  • C-Group - Seminar

    **  C-Group Seminar News '17 No.7  **

      ** Poster #4, and D-Report #4 **

        ** Poster #4 **

    Date & Time : Starting at 13:00 on Thursday, June 22
    Place : Lecture Room #N404

    T. Akiba

    A. Kamada

    Y. Koizumi
    Development and Performance Evaluation of the DMD Mask Method for T60 Telescope

    K. Mimura
    Evolution process of the theta aurora inferred from global MHD simulation

        ** D-Report #4 **

    Date & Time : Starting at 14:40 on Thursday, June 22
    Place : Lecture Room #N404

    K. Arao
    Linear analysis of the magneto-rotational instability in an accretion disk in the vicinity of a compact object

    *** C-group seminar 2017 schedule (v1.4, 2017-03-31) ***
    17/06/22(Thu) 13:00- Poster#4(Akiba, Kamada, Koizumi, Mimura), D-presen (Arao)
    17/06/29(Thu) 13:00- D-presen (K.Endo, Mizuguchi)
    17/07/13(Thu) Guest speaker (Prof.Tanaka from astronomical Institute)
    #May-June Bepi-SWT
    #Aug 20-31 IAU
    Poster presen: M1, M2 & D3
    D-presen: Mizuguchi, Koga

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    PAT - Seminar

    2016/12/2(金) 13:00-
    Naoko Takahashi
    Evolution and propagation of electric fields during magnetospheric disturbances based on multiple spacecraft and ground-based observations

    Kousuke Takami
    Feasibility of the future observations by mid-infrared heterodyne spectroscopy for Wind and Temperature in Venusian mesosphere and lower thermosphere

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