PPARC seminar news #8 in FY2018

2018/6/25 (Mon.) 9:00-12:00 @ Science Complex C N407

Chairperson: Watanabe

Ryohtaroh Ishikawa
The spatial distribution of photospheric microturbulence detected by Solar Optical Telescope onboard Hinode
The quiet Sun magnetic field is known to be largely independent from the global solar dynamo and thought to be produced by local process, since little correlation or dependence between the quiet Sun magnetic field strength and the solar cycle has been observed. However, It is not unclear how is the quiet Sun magnetic field maintained.
In this study, we focus on small-scale dynamo: small scale turbulent flows stretch the magnetic field. In order to study the small scale turbulence on the solar surface, we have analyzed the line widths of the photospheric spectra obtained with SOT/SP onboard Hinode. Since line width is affected by magnetic field as well as unresolved turbulence, we separate them by using two spectral lines (Fe I 6301.5 Angstrom and 6302.5 Angstrom), which have different Lande factors. We found that the line width is broaden in the intergranular lanes and there is also smaller structure with sub-granular scale which has wide line width. In my presentation, we will discuss on the spatial distribution of the line width of the two photospheric lines and relation with the photospheric turbulence.

R. Koga

*** PPARC seminar schedule (v1.40 /20180618) ***
Date, start time, presenters, (chairperson)
18/04/09(Mon) 9:00- Obara, Sakanoi (Kagitani)
18/04/16(Mon) 9:00- Fukizawa (Misawa)
18/04/23(Mon) 9:00- Kasaba, Hirai (Koga)
18/05/07(Mon) 9:00- Yagi, Watanabe (Obara)
18/05/14(Mon) 9:00- Misawa, Suzuki (Kasaba)
18/05/20-5/24 JpGU
18/05/28(Mon) 9:00- presentations of B4-experiments (Tsuchiya)
18/6/3-8 AOGS
18/06/04(Mon) 9:00- B4-experiments (Koga)
18/06/11(Mon) 9:00- Kagitani, Tsuchiya (Fukizawa)
18/06/18(Mon) 9:00- Fujimoto, Yamaguchi (Hirai)
18/06/25(Mon) 9:00- Koga, Ishikawa (Watanabe)
18/07/02(Mon) 9:00- Kanbara, Ooura (Yagi)
18/07/09-13 MOP conference
18/07/14-23 COSPAR2018
18/07/16(Mon) Holiday
18/07/23(Mon) 9:00- an optional day (Suzuki)

D/1回: Koga
M2/1回: Hirai, Watanabe, Fukizawa, Ishikawa
M1/1回: Yagi, Suzuki
B4/2回: Yamaguchi, Fujimoto, Ooura, Kanbara


2018-03-25) ***
*** C-group seminar 2018 schedule (ver1.4 on 2018-05-29) ***
May 31 (Thu) Poster#1 & D-report (STPP:*Nishida, PAT: Akiba, PPARC:*Koga, Hirai)
#June 3-8 AOGS
June 14 (Thu) Poster#2 & D-report (STPP:*Ooki, PAT: Hubig, Toriumi, PPARC: Fukisawa, Watanabe)
June 28 (Thu) Poster#3 & D-report (STPP:Oono, PAT: Toyooka, Yoshida, PPARC: Ishikawa, Yagi)
July 5 (Thu) Poster#4 & D-report (STPP:Takenaka, PAT: *Takami, Nakamura, Yagi, PPARC: Suzuki)
#July 9-13 MOP, 14-22 COSPAR
* indicates speaker for short report (D1 & D2)