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1642 kbyte 2017/04/06[001_1] T. Obara Guidance 2017 PPARC Guidance
7071 kbyte 2017/04/06[001_2] T. Sakanoi Guidance PPARC•ͺŒυ•”ƒKƒCƒ_ƒ“ƒX
2648 kbyte 2017/04/10[002_1] T. Mizuguchi Study Study of the characteristics of nKOM emissions correlating with substorm-like events in the Jovian magnetosphere
2539 kbyte 2017/04/17[003_1] R. Ishikawa Study Investigation of shallow convection zone
1975 kbyte 2017/04/17[003_2] M. Fukizawa Study Relationship between electron density height profile and convection flow speed in the polar cap patches and blobs
1465 kbyte 2017/04/27[004_1] H. Watanabe Review UV and IR auroral emission model for the outer planets: Jupiter and Saturn comparison
2072 kbyte 2017/04/27[004_2] A. Hirai Study EMIC waves-driven radiation belt electron precipitation into the atmosphere with ground-based observations in the subauroral region
1945 kbyte 2017/05/12[005_1] T. Obara Study Hose-collar Aurora and Moving Transpolar Arc
1316 kbyte 2017/05/12[005_2] H. Misawa Study Time variable occurrence features of Jupiteres auroralradio emissions F Relation with Io's volcanic variations
1832 kbyte 2017/05/29[006_1] S. Okada B4 Exp. ”ΡŠΩ“d”g–]‰“‹Ύ‚π—p‚’‚½ PSR0329+54‚ΜŠΟ‘ͺ
1247 kbyte 2017/05/29[006_2] T. Hino B4 Exp. M42 ƒIƒŠƒIƒ“‘启‰_ 656nm•t‹ί•ͺŒυŠΟ‘ͺ‚Ζ‰πΝ
1706 kbyte 2017/05/29[006_3] N. Yagi B4 Exp. –ؐ―‚Μ•ͺŒυŠΟ‘ͺ
2017/05/29[006_4] K.Yoshizawa B4 Exp. 500~700MHz‘Ρ“d”gŒn‚̍쐻Eέ’u‚Ζ“d”gŒv‘ͺŽΐŒ±
4358 kbyte 2017/06/05[007_1] R. Arakawa Study Variations of System IV period of the sulfur ions in the Io torus for the volcanic event in 2015
12360 kbyte 2017/06/05[007_2] F. Tsuchiya Study ARASE (HFA) and Groundbased(LF) observation in Mar. 2017
3659 kbyte 2017/06/19[008_1] Y. Endo Study N2+ resonant scattering light observation in the sunlit ionosphere with the auroral spectrograph
14247 kbyte 2017/06/19[008_2] T. Sakanoi Study Perspective for auroral studies basd on next-generation space-based observation
981 kbyte 2017/07/06[009_1] S. Okada Review Formation of the Sun-aligned arc region and the void (polar slot) under the null-separator structure
628 kbyte 2017/07/06[009_2] N. Yagi Review Motion of aurorae
2810 kbyte 2017/07/06[009_3] R. Koga Study The spatial distribution of Iofs oxygen neutral cloud observed by Hisaki/EXCEED
2017/07/14[010_1] K. Yoshizawa Review Prospect of passive radio detection of a subsurface ocean on Europa with a lander
1716 kbyte 2017/07/14[010_2] Y. Koizumi Study Development and Performance Evaluation of the DMD Mask Method for T60 Telescope
2228 kbyte 2017/07/20[011_1] K. Mimura Study Evolution process of the theta aurora inferred from global MHD simulation
3482 kbyte 2017/07/20[011_2] K. Kaneda Study Observation of Propagating Coronal Waves Using Solar Radio Zebra Pattern
1997 kbyte 2017/07/21[012_1] T. Hino Review How is the Jovian main auroral emission affected by the solarwind?
3462 kbyte 2017/07/21[012_2] M. Kagitani Study High-dynamic range observation of faint emissions in the vicinity of planets using a new planetary coronagraph
4968 kbyte 2017/09/14[013_1] K. Kaneda Rehearsal Study of Solar Coronal Structures via Analysis of Zebra Pattern Fine Structures in Type IV Solar Radio Bursts
4619 kbyte 2017/09/22[014_1] K. Mimura Rehearsal MHDƒVƒ~ƒ…ƒŒ[ƒVƒ‡ƒ“ƒf[ƒ^‚ΙŠξ‚Γ‚­ ƒV[ƒ^ƒI[ƒƒ‰oŒ»πŒ‰Ί‚Ε‚ΜŽ₯‹CŒ—‰ž“š
1654 kbyte 2017/09/22[014_2] Y. Endo Rehearsal N2+ resonant scattering light in the topside ionosphere observed with auroral spectrograph
3257 kbyte 2017/09/29[015_1] R. Arakawa Rehearsal Variations of System IV period of the sulfur ions in the Io torus for the volcanic event in 2015 observed by the HISAKI/EXCEED
4898 kbyte 2017/10/02[016_3] N. Yagi Rehearsal Energetic electron precipitation associated with pulsating aurora: EISCAT and Van Allen Probe observations
4526 kbyte 2017/10/06[017_1] T. Hino Rehearsal Substructures with luminosity modulation and horizontal oscillation in pulsating patch: Principal component analysis application to pulsating aurora
1182 kbyte 2017/10/30[018_1] T. Obara Study Effects of solar active region #2673 on the ionosphere and magnetosphere through large Solar Flares (X9.3 and X8.2)
1804 kbyte 2017/10/30[018_2] R. Ishikawa Study Cloud Model Inversion of Ha Absorption Line in Arch Filament System
1679 kbyte 2017/11/13[019_1] H.Misawa Study Reconsideration of occurrence characteristics of Jupiter's hectometricradio emission (HOM): the 3rd comp. with no relation to solar wind var.
2754 kbyte 2017/11/13[019_2] A. Hirai Study Energetic electron precipitation associated with Pc1/EMIC waves: Six-month VLF/LF-wave observations over North America
3936 kbyte 2017/11/20[020_1] F. Tsuchiya Study Energetic electron precipitation associated with pulsating aurora observed by VLF/LF radio propagation at Athabasca during Arase ground-based observation campaign
10822 kbyte 2017/11/20[020_2] M. Fukizawa Study Comparing chorus intensity modulation with time variation of pulsating aurora observed in Iceland
1999 kbyte 2017/11/27[021_1] R. Koga Study Radial variations of atomic oxygen number density in Ioes neutral cloud
1869 kbyte 2017/12/11[022_2] M. Kagitani Study High-dynamic range observation using a new coronagraph

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