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3264 kbyte 2019/04/08[001_1] T.Obara Guidance 2019年度 PPARC ガイダンス
13684 kbyte 2019/04/15[002_1] T.Sakanoi Study Planetary atmospheric monitoring with the Tohoku University Haleakala telescopes: current status and future plan
2211 kbyte 2019/04/15[002_2] R.Koga Study Volcanic change of Io’s neutral oxygen cloud and plasma torus observed by Hisaki
1236 kbyte 2019/04/22[003_1] A.Hirai Study Statistical study of IPDP type EMIC wave-related electron precipitation at subauroral latitude
14068 kbyte 2019/04/22[003_2] M.Fukizawa Study Pitch angle scattering of low-energy electrons by electrostatic electron cyclotron harmonic waves
1635 kbyte 2019/05/13[004_1] K.Yamaguchi Study Transport process of Jovian magnetospheric plasma based on comparison of radial diffusion model and HISAKI satellite observation
1720 kbyte 2019/05/13[004_2] T.Fujimoto Review The low-high-low trend of type III radio burst starting frequencies and solar flare hard X-rays (review)
2443 kbyte 2019/05/20[005_1] A.Oura Study Search of shallow subsurface reflectors around RSLs in Martian Chryse and Acidalia planitiae by the MRO/SHARAD public data
2059 kbyte 2019/05/20[005_2] A.Kambara Study Enhancement of the Jovian thermospheric temperature above the Great red spot based on the infrared spectroscopic data obtained with IRTF/iSHELL

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