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32681 kbyte 2018/04/26[001_1] T.Kimura Lecture Physics of Jupiter system unveiled by the Hisaki satellite and future perspectives for JUICE
701 kbyte 2018/05/31[002_1] T.Akiba poster Development of radiative transfer scheme interactive to the cloud time-variation on Venus General Circulation Model
1911 kbyte 2018/05/31[002_2] A.Hirai poster Temporal and Spatial Correspondence of Pc1/EMIC Waves and Energetic Electron Precipitation with Ground-Based Observation on 27 March, 2017
3890 kbyte 2018/05/31[002_3] R.Koga D_report Volcanic changes of Io's atmosphere and neutral oxygen cloud
12041 kbyte 2018/05/31[002_4] Y.Nishida D_report The Rayleigh number required to sustain geodynamo with various inner core radii
1749 kbyte 2018/06/14[003_1] H.Watanabe poster Pulsation characteristics of Jovian infrared polar aurora observed by Subaru IRCS with adaptive optics during Juno's solar wind campaign
1753 kbyte 2018/06/14[003_2] A.Hubig poster Hydrogen escape process on Mars: Role of high-altitude water
2672 kbyte 2018/06/14[003_3] M.Fukizawa poster Relationship between lower-band chorus, electrostatic electron cyclotron harmonic waves and pulsating aurora based on conjunction between Arase and ground-based imager
10882 kbyte 2018/06/14[003_4] K.toriumi poster Quantiative eveluation of the cumulus convection schemes for the implementation into the Paleo Martian Global Climate Model
1366 kbyte 2018/06/14[003_5] K.ohki D_report Study of the electric field structure and the plasma dynamics in the magnetsphere during the magnetic storm
7532 kbyte 2018/06/28[004_1] N.Yagi poster Development of Auroral Imaging Camera on RockSat sounding-rocket experiment
1821 kbyte 2018/06/28[004_2] R.Ishikawa poster The spatial distribution of photospheric microturbulence detected by Solar Optical Telescope onboard Hinode
2018/06/28[004_3] M.Toyooka poster Annual variation of Homopause altitude from MAVEN/IUVS observation
2569 kbyte 2018/06/28[004_4] A.Ono poster Study of the relationship between whistler-mode chorus emissions and Pc5 ULF waves based on the ERG satellite observation
9995 kbyte 2018/06/28[004_5] N.Yoshida poster Annual variation of homopause altitude from MAVEN/IUVS observation
19669 kbyte 2018/07/05[005_1] Y.Nakamura poster Study of the Jovian magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling using an ionospheric potential solver: Contributions of H+ and meteoric ions to ionospheric conductivity
1874 kbyte 2018/07/05[005_2] T.Suzuki poster Evaluation stability and precision of which support main mirror when main mirror was polished
2745 kbyte 2018/07/05[005_3] K.Takami D_report The continuous bservation of temperature and wind in Venusian mesosphere and lower thermosphere by MILAHI in June 2018
6299 kbyte 2018/10/04[006_1] H.Watanabe Preliminary oral exam. of Master's thesis Morphologies and time variations of Jovian infrared polar emissions observed by the Subaru telescope
3229 kbyte 2018/10/04[006_2] Y.Dai Preliminary oral exam. of Master's thesis Validation of methane profileobserved by FTIR at Tsukuba
931 kbyte 2018/10/11[007_1] T.Akiba Preliminary oral exam. of Master's thesis Study of cloud-radiation balances on Venus General Circulation Model with radiation scheme interactive to the clouds
3821 kbyte 2018/10/11[007_2] R.Ishikawa Preliminary oral exam. of Master's thesis Small-scale photospheric dynamics revealed by spectral line broadening
1584 kbyte 2018/10/25[008_1] T.Takenaka Preliminary oral exam. of Master's thesis Study of the plasma density variation in association with the enhancement of whistler-mode chorus emissions in the vicinity of plasmapause
32187 kbyte 2018/10/25[008_2] M.Toyooka Preliminary oral exam. of Master's thesis Retrieval of gas and aerosols vertical profiles considering multiple scattering from CRISM/MRO limb observations.
11482 kbyte 2018/11/01[009_1] M.Fikizawa Preliminary oral exam. of Master's thesis Electrostatic electron cyclotron harmonic waves as a candidate to cause pulsating auroras
2443 kbyte 2018/11/01[009_2] A.Hirai Preliminary oral exam. of Master's thesis EMIC waves-driven energetic electron precipitation into the atmosphere with ground-based 2018/11/29[010_1]
3336 kbyte 2018/11/29[010_1] R.Koga D-2 interim report Spatial distribution of Io’s neutral oxygen cloud during a volcanically active period
18996 kbyte 2018/12/13[011_1] K.Takami D-2 interim report Temperature and Wind velocity variations in Venusain lower thermosphere and mesosphere by mid-infrared heterodyne spectrometer in 2018
9039 kbyte 2019/04/18[001_1] Y.Kawazura Lecture Plasma heating in astrophysical gyrokinetic turbulence: application of a fusion theory to accretion disks
18891 kbyte 2019/06/13[002_1] A. Miyamaoto poster Response to global dust storm 2018 in the Martian mesosphere observed by mid infrared heterodyne spectroscopy
8002 kbyte 2019/06/13[002_2] R.Yagi poster Evolution of atmospheric composition in the early Martian atmosphere
2152 kbyte 2019/06/13[002_3] K.Yamagishi poster Study of the contribution of electric field to the acceleration of cometary ions around comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
2221 kbyte 2019/06/13[002_4] K.Yamaguchi poster Development of a radial diffusion model of Jovian inner magnetospheric plasma aimed at comparison with HISAKI satellite observation
1572 kbyte 2019/06/27[003_1] G.Ishizawa poster Time of flight model of pulsating aurora electrons, considering wave‐particle interactions with propagating whistler mode waves.
1812 kbyte 2019/06/27[003_2] A.Kambara poster Enhancement of the Jovian thermospheric temperature above the Great Red Spot based on the infrared spectroscopic data obtained with IRTF/iSHELL
8465 kbyte 2019/06/27[003_3] S.Koyama poster Time response of the self-regulation of H and O escapes from Mars
1734 kbyte 2019/06/27[003_4] T.Fujimoto poster Solar type III radio burst:time characteristics
5591 kbyte 2019/06/27[003_5] M.Fukizawa D_report Low energy electron precipitation caused by ECH waves observed by the Arase satellite
3393 kbyte 2019/07/04[004_1] Dr.Furukawa Lecture 地球生命の化学進化から探る地球外生命誕生の可能性
6663 kbyte 2019/07/11[005_1] Y.Nakamura poster Axisymmetric conductance of Jupiter’s middle- and low-latitude ionosphere
3497 kbyte 2019/07/11[005_2] A.Oura poster Search of shallow subsurface reflectors around RSLs in Martian Chryse and Acidalia Planitiae by the MRO/SHARAD public data
9343 kbyte 2019/07/11[005_3] M.Tanabe poster Solar-wind and martian-origin proton access into the Phobos wake region
17222 kbyte 2019/07/11[005_4] N.Yagi poster Developments of auroral and airglow observational all-sky imagers on Shirase
1920 kbyte 2019/07/11[005_5] A.Hirai D_report Statistical study of IPDP type EMIC wave-related electron precipitation at subauroral latitude
1826 kbyte 2019/07/11[005_6] Prof.Jih-Hong Shue Lecture Evolution of Magnetic Fields Just Outside the Magnetopause for Radial Interplanetary Magnetic fields
1611 kbyte 2019/07/25[006_1] A.Ono poster Enhancement of whistler-mode chorus in association with Pc 4-5 ULF waves and related variation of high energy electrons
4341 kbyte 2019/07/25[006_2] T.Suzuki poster Observation of the O2+ emissions in the Mars ionosphere with a visible spectrograph on Haleakala T60 and development status of PLANETS telescope main mirror supporting system
8743 kbyte 2019/07/25[006_3] K.Toriumi poster Quantitative evaluation of the cumulus convection schemes for a Paleo Martian Global Climate Model
12011 kbyte 2019/07/25[006_4] N.Yoshida poster Seasonal and latitudinal variations of dayside N2/CO2 ratio in the Martian thermosphere derived from MAVEN IUVS observations
16631 kbyte 2019/07/25[006_5] Y.Nishida D_report Geodynamo simulations with various inner core radii aiming to consider dynamo condition
3586 kbyte 2019/10/03[007_1] R.Koga Preliminary oral exam. of Ph.D's thesis Distribution and transient changes of Io's atmosphere and neutral oxygen cloud observed by Hisaki and ALMA
5488 kbyte 2019/10/03[007_2] Y.Nakamura Preliminary oral exam. of Master's thesis Axisymmetric conductance distribution of Jupiter's middle- and low-latitude ionosphere: Effects of meteoric ions
25818 kbyte 2019/10/04[008_1] K.Takami Preliminary oral exam. of Ph.D's thesis Observation of temperature and wind by mid-infrared heterodyne spectrometer for the understanding of dynamics in Venusian mesosphere
16235 kbyte 2019/10/04[008_2] N.Yoshida Preliminary oral exam. of Master's thesis Variations of atmospheric density and composition in the Martian thermosphere derived from MAVEN/IUVS and NGIMS
2137 kbyte 2019/11/08[009_1] A.Ono Preliminary oral exam. of Master's thesis Modulation of energetic electrons caused by toroidal mode ULF wave in association with periodic enhancement of chorus emission
4667 kbyte 2019/11/14[010_1] T.Suzuki Preliminary oral exam. of Master's thesis Observation of planetary atmosphere with ground-based telescope: observation of Martian ionosphere O2+ emission and development of PLANETS telescope
12599 kbyte 2019/11/14[010_2] K.Toriumi Preliminary oral exam. of Master's thesis Quantitative evaluation of the cumulus convection schemes for a Paleo Martian Global Climate Model
3543 kbyte 2019/11/14[010_3] R.Yagi Preliminary oral exam. of Master's thesis The influence of carbon escape on the evolution of the Martian atmosphere
76550 kbyte 2019/11/28[011_1] N.Yagi Preliminary oral exam. of Master's thesis The development of compact and lightweight camera installed on sounding rockets and ships for aurora and airglow observations
24274 kbyte 2019/11/28[011_2] Y.Nishida D2 interim report Dependency of dipole component dominancy of geodynamo on thermal boundary conditions and inner core radii

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