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4576 kbyte 2017/04/13[001_1] Y. Katoh Lecture Expectations for Arase (ERG) satellite observation toward further investigation of wave-particle interactions in planetary magnetospheres
2017/04/13[001_2] C. Martinez Lecture Brief review of ELF/VLF emissions at subauroral latitudes: ground and space observations
3720 kbyte 2017/04/20[002_1] M. Fukizawa Poster Relationship between electron density height profile and convection flow speed in the polar cap patches and blobs
1778 kbyte 2017/04/20[002_2] Y. Ishigaya Poster A study of the ion heating by BBELF near the ion cyclotron frequency in the cusp region based on the Akebono satellite
2323 kbyte 2017/04/20[002_3] I. Ishikawa Poster The magnetic structure and development of AFS from shallow convection zone to lower corona
1604 kbyte 2017/04/20[002_4] K. Ohki D-presen Study of the electric field structure and the plasma dynamics in the magnetosphere during the magnetic storm
4435 kbyte 2017/06/01[003_1] R. Arakawa Poster Variations of System IV period of the sulfur ions in the Io torus for the volcanic event in 2015
1623 kbyte 2017/06/01[003_2] Y. Dai Poster Re-decrease of HCl total column density observed with Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy at Tsukuba (2001-2016)
3196 kbyte 2017/06/01[003_3] K. Kaneda Poster Temporal Variation of Zebra Stripes in Type IV Solar Radio Bursts
1830 kbyte 2017/06/01[003_4] T. Takenaka Poster Study of correspondence with plasma density structures and whistler-mode chorus emission based on Arase satellite observations
2017/06/01[003_5] M. Toyooka Poster Evaluation method of the atmospheric turbulent energy at the cloud top region of Venus in the data of Akatsuki IR2 with LIR and UVI
2314 kbyte 2017/06/01[003_6] H. Watanabe Poster Jupiter's infrared polar emission observed with the Subaru telescope with the adaptive optics system
2854 kbyte 2017/06/01[003_7] R. Koga D-presen Variations of Io's atmosphere and oxygen neutral cloud during volcanically active periods
5697 kbyte 2017/06/08[004_1] Y. Endo Poster N2+ resonant scattering light obserbation in the sunlit ionosphere with the auroral spectrograph
2308 kbyte 2017/06/08[004_2] A. Hirai Poster EMIC waves-driven radiation belt electron precipitation into the atmosphere with ground-based observations in the subauroral region
874 kbyte 2017/06/08[004_3] Y. Nishida Poster A study on geodynamo process at the environment of the early Earth
1366 kbyte 2017/06/08[004_4] K. Terada Poster Study of the solar wind influence on the Jovian inner magnetosphere using an ionospheric potential solver
13184 kbyte 2017/06/08[004_5] K. Takami D-presen Feasibility of the future observations by mid-infrared heterodyne spectroscopy for Wind and Temperature in Venusian mesosphere and lower thermosphere
2536 kbyte 2017/06/22[005_1] T. Akiba Poster Study of the superrotation and horizontal cloud distribution using a Venusian general circulation model
4460 kbyte 2017/06/22[005_2] A. Kamada Poster Simulation of the early Martian climate using a General Circulation Model, DRAMATIC MGCM:Water Circulation Simulation
1716 kbyte 2017/06/22[005_3] Y. Koizumi Poster Development and Performance Evaluation of the DMD Mask Method for T60 Telescope
1782 kbyte 2017/06/22[005_4] K. Mimura Poster Evolution process of the theta aurora inferred from global MHD simulation
3765 kbyte 2017/06/22[005_5] K. Arao D-report Linear analysis of the magneto-rotational instability in an accretion disk in the vicinity of a compact object
2017/06/29[006_1] K. Endo D-report Study of plasma wave disturbances around the wake of ionospheric spacecraft
2017/06/29[006_2] T. Mizuguchi D-report Study of the characteristics of nKOM emissions correlating with substorm-like events in the Jovian magnetospher
2017/07/13[007_1] Prof. Tanaka Lecture A New Approach to the Mystery of Planetesimal Formation
2718 kbyte 2017/09/25[008_1] K. Endo Pre.Oral Ex.D Study of plasma wave disturbances around the wake of ionospheric spacecraft
2351 kbyte 2017/09/25[008_2] K. Kaneda Pre.Oral Ex.D Study of Solar Coronal Structures via Analysis of Zebra Pattern Fine Structures in Type IV Solar Radio Bursts
1653 kbyte 2017/09/28[009_1] Y. Endo Pre.Oral Ex.M Magnetospheric response for the appearance of theta aurora inferred from the analyses of MHD simulation data
4051 kbyte 2017/09/28[009_2] K. Mimura Pre.Oral Ex.M Magnetospheric response for the appearance of theta aurora inferred from the analyses of MHD simulation data
2017/10/12[010_1] Prof. Ito Special -
2017/10/26[011_1] Kamada Pre.Oral Ex.M
2017/10/26[011_2] Koizumi Pre.Oral Ex.M
2017/11/16[012_1] Ohki D2 rep.
2018/02/22[013_1] Aizawa D2 rep.

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